Visitors' Sleds

Updated 4/2/17

1971 Moto-Ski Grand Prix 634 - Tim Peterson, Waterbury, Vermont
Tim recently (2/10) sent some updated pictures including his very nice '70 Capri that has a 399 JLO on it to mimic a sled he had years ago.
Have a look at the new lineup which also includes nice machines of other brands.
1977 Moto-Ski Futura - Robert Tucker, location unknown

1972 Moto-Ski Capri 400 - Steven, Ontario, Canada

1976 Moto-Ski Futura 440  - David (David's Vintage Snowmobiles)
This is a good original example of the new Futura for '76 which adopted a totally Bombardier design
and stepped away from the '73-'75 "F" and Futura style.  Also be sure and take notice of two of David's
other nice machines, a nice '77 Everest 340 and a '74 T'NT 400 F/A.

1969 Moto-Ski MS-18 372 custom - Kale Wainer, Buffalo, Minnesota
A 2002 Polaris pro X chassis, original 372 JLO with chrome stinger pipe, and soon to have
yamaha independent front suspension

1975 Ski-Doo "Olympic Special" 440 -Tim Dubreuil
A limited production attempt to clear the bombardier parts bins in 1975. Very similar to a moto ski capri in looks and
engine (BSE 440T) but sports a serial number that bombardier verifies to be a '75 440 Olympic.

(2) 1972 Moto-Ski MS-18 440's - John Kern, Idaho
These are two of the nicest original Moto-Ski's I have ever seen. According to John they
were stored inside with covers their entire lives.

1972 Moto-Ski Grand Prix 440 -Jeff Hoffman, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
You don't see too many of these around.

1972 Moto-Ski Grand Prix - Mick Fesko, Skaneateles, New Y ork
Having just said that you don't see many of these, here is another.
This one is in as good original condition as you will ever find.

1972 Moto-Ski Grand Prix - Paul Lapierre, Bedford, New Hampshire
Looks like everyone has one of these sleds but me :)

1976 Moto-Ski Nuvik - E.Wiseman, Fall River, Nova Scotia
Although a ski-doo in disguise, these sleds were tough and reliable.

(3) 1965 Moto-Ski's and (2) 1966 Moto-Ski Cadets - Danny Matton, Plattsburgh, New York
A little work and any visitors will think they were shopping in an early Moto-Ski dealership!

1968 Moto-Ski Zephyr - Gerald Dion , Matane en gaspesie P.Quebec

1974 Moto-Ski Futura 295 - Roger Spindler, Bay City, Wisconsin
A fine original example of a much forgotten time in Moto-Ski history.

1973 Moto-Ski Zephyr 340 - Bruce Bock, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
The final year for the Zephyr model saw some cosmetic changes but remained
mechanically similar to its predecessors.

1964 Moto-Ski 300 Hirth -Steven Walker, Cambridge Station , Nova Scotia
A well preserved and rare piece of Moto-Ski's early days.

1979 Moto-Ski Futura 444 LC -Aubrey Matheson, Winnipeg, Manitoba
The 444 LC was the top of the line Futura and the Moto-Ski
version of the Ski-Doo Everest 444 LC.

1971 Moto-Ski Zephyr 338 Hirth -Jim Pelletier, Augusta, Maine
The picture speaks for itself. I have seen this machine in person and
it is one of the nicest originals you will find.

1971 Moto-Ski Grand Prix 338 JLO - Michael Howell, Lake, Michigan
Although the black does grow on you, this Grand Prix is going to
be returned to its original gold metal flake.

1970 Moto-Ski Zephyr 338 Hirth, 1969 Moto-Ski SM 395 JLO,
1971 Moto-Ski Bullet 295 KMS-
Danny Matton, Plattsburgh, New York
These are photos of a small number of Danny's collection taken at a local show. All three are beautiful machines
that have many other stable mates equally as nice.

1973 Moto-Ski SR-340 BSE Triple, 1981 Ski-Doo 340 Super MOD,
Moto-Ski 250 Sno-Pro
- Jay Egan, Suffield, Connecticut
Two rare and beautiful examples of moto-ski racing. The original SR wears a prototype serial number "1" and the 250
looks better than when new. He has also recently restored the Ski-Doo racer in the photo. Have a look at the pictures as
they do them more justice than what I can write.

1972 Moto -Ski Zephyrs, (1) 440 and (1) 340 BSE’s - Gerald Dion , Matane en gaspesie P.Quebec
While these two machines started out life with nearly identical appearances they have gone their separate ways
over the years. The 340 Zephyr still sports its factory look and appears to be a good solid start to a restoration.
The 440 Zephyr on the other hand refuses to admit its age and so wears a sportier ’72 Grand Prix hood.

1970 Moto-Ski Grand Prix 340 Sachs, 1975 Sonic T/S 340, 1978 SS 340- Charlie Coons, Milford, New York
The grand prix is a very nice low mile original with the often forgotten Sachs engine option.
Both the 1975 and 1978 moto-skis are beautiful restorations of rare sleds. Are these enough to make you drool?
If not Charlie also has another 340 Sachs Grand Prix and a 634 Hirth Grand Prix to name a few.

1973 Moto-Ski F-295 BSE - Dean Werden, Sarina, Ontario
Dean purchased this sled in a well used and tough loved state but has since given it a refresh
with some custom touches like a tuned exhaust, seat, and paint. It proves that the "F"(family) series
moto-skis can have a sporty side to them.

1978 Moto-Ski Spirit 250 Rotax - Daniel Dinelle, Ottawa, Ontario
These were the Moto-Ski version of the Ski-Doo Elan with only cosmetic touches setting them apart. Daniel
had the sled given to him 5 years ago and has since refreshed the paint so that it looks its best on ice fishing trips.

1972 Northway Explorer W-440 - Andrew Taylor, Quebec, P. Quebec
No its not a Moto-Ski, its not even orange but it is a beautiful machine that deserves its fair share of the lime-light.
For those of you who are concerned that the purity of the website has been compromised,
fear not because Andrew is currently restoring a 1971 Moto-Ski Mini-Sno.

1968 Moto-Ski Cadet 246 Hirth, 1969 Moto-Ski Capri 372 Hirth,
1973 Moto-Ski Capri 340 BSE
- Aaron Heim, Owatonna , Minnesota
Aaron saved these three machines from a building that was going to fall in. As you can see in the
pictures all three are very solid and deserve the time and effort to get them back on the snow.
Pay attention to the decals added on the hoods years ago including '71 MS-18 hood stripes on
the '68 and some comical roadrunner + coyote stickers saying "Beep Beep Your A**" on the '69.

1972 Moto-Ski Zephyr 340 BSE - Bruce Malcolm, Randolph, Maine
Bruce has done some touch up work including new decals but started with a very nice
original machine. The most difficult pieces to find in good condition including an unbroken
plastic hood, bumpers with good chrome, and a nice original seat were all there to start with.
Have a look at the picture, it speaks for itself.

1970 Moto-Ski Grand Prix 338 Hirth - Don Willner, Davidson, Saskatchewan

Don's 340 Grand Prix sports the 28 H.P. 338 Hirth single as opposed to the other 340 Grand Prix
engine which was a 340 Sachs single. He has been hard at work renovating the wiring and doing other
small things like replacing the windshield. It should be a fun sled on the snow and the first year Grand Prix is
one you do not see too often.

1974 Moto-Ski Capri-S 295 BSE - Jon Braun, Grunthal, Manitoba
Jon won this sled through a wedding fund raiser raffle for one of his friends. Apparently the
bride to be does not appreciate old sleds and so wanted it gone. The 295 BSE twin
is just a rebadged 294/300 Rotax that, while reflecting ski-doo's influence, actually provides
abundant smooth power. It came through with the optional slide rail suspension and, as you can
see, the machine has survived quite well over the years.

1970 Moto-Ski SM-295 Sachs - Joe Kuchnicki, Brutus, Michigan
I will not bother to say too much about the sled here since the above link will take you to his website
where it tells the history and restoration details better than I can. I will say that it is a beautiful restoration
of a very rare machine. Be sure and check out the other neat machines featured on his website too.

1977 Sno-Jet SST 340 Yamaha - Dennis and Arlene Fish, Livermore, Maine
No it is not a Moto-Ski but I did once own it so I guess that qualifies it for a Moto-Ski website.
The original 340 was swapped out for a good running SS433 Yamaha when I got it but it looks original
and mates up to the Sno-Jet components nicely. The original seat has survived quite well and Dennis has
found a new tach, speedometer, and rubber passenger grab handles to replace the old broken ones.
All in all it is a great looking machine that should be fun to ride alongside his '68 Panther.

1971 Moto-Ski Grand Prix 399 JLO - Serge Bouvrette, Blainville, Quebec
Serge has restored his Grand Prix to a better than new condition. Take notice at how the metalflake
hood pops when you look at it and how spotless the machine is in general. Serge says he purchased
the sled in a well used condition from an old man in Moto-Skis home town of La Pocatiere.

1971 Evinrude Skeeter Wide Track 437 OMC - Mike Pelletier, Augusta, Maine
As you can see from the picture, this is one of the nicest original Skeeters you will ever find. It may not be orange
but it deserves to be shown off along with the other sleds listed above. Mike also has a nicely restored 1968 Skeeter
and a restored Evinrude Cutter to go along with the '71.

1973 Moto-Ski F-340 BSE - Steve Regimbald, Val Caron, Ontario
With the exception of absent hood decals, it would be hard to find a nicer and more original "F" series Moto-Ski.
Have a look at the picture and take note of the original seat cover with orange wedge accent and the tough to
find gas tank cover in nice condition. Although often overlooked, the "F" series sleds were stable and
quite powerful trail machines.

1967 Moto-Ski Zephyr 300 Hirth - Mike Smith, Bethlehem, New Hampshire
Mike put a lot of time and attention bringing this Zephyr to its quite probably better than new condition you see here. Little
touches like a close reproduction of the correct color/pattern seats sets this one apart from many and make it one of the nicest restored '67
machines you will likely run across. In case you are wondering, the side wedges and moto-ski raised emblem on the hood has been painted
blue since the photo was taken.

1969 Moto-Ski Zephyr 372 Hirth Electric - Glen Thompson, Cambridge, Ontario
I am still waiting on some more info and the history of this machine but I know it sat in a shed for 20 years at the family
farm before Glen rescued it. A good cleaning of the fuel system and it was off and running in two pulls. I assume it is a 372 Hirth
due to the deluxe dash (300's usually didnt have it) but cant be sure just yet.

1970 Moto-Ski Zephyr 317 Hirth - Derrick Higgins, Parry Sound, Ontario
Derrick recently picked this machine up and plans on a full restoration in the near future.  From the picture it looks like he has a good
machine to start with.  The body is virtually rust free and hard to find plastic pieces like the backrest compartment look to be in great shape,
even the
original blue windshield looks to be in nice shape.  317's were a good all around motor that provided adequate and reliable power
on the Zephyr chassis.

1968 Moto-Ski Zephyr 297 JLO - Brent Crockford, Orillia, Ontario
This Zephyr has been in Brent's family since 1971 and, although it has been ridden and enjoyed, it has always been garage kept. Although
not as common as the 300 Hirth option, the 297 JLO was a nice motor that had plenty of power for riding and pulling. This machine
is a nice example of what I consider to be one of the best looking years for Moto-Ski.

1970 Moto-Ski MS-18 500 Hirth - John McClelland, Barrie, Ontario
John acquired this machine from the original owner (his uncle) in 1999 with just 250 miles on the speedometer.  It sat in a heated garage
from 1974 until 1999 quietly waiting under its original Moto-Ski cover for somebody to ride it again.  Although he sent multiple photos
I chose a side view because it shows just how amazingly preserved this machine is with an original seat, windshield, shiny orange paint,
 and a dash and airbox that are still bright blue.  Even the 500 Hirth has its original paint and decals in spectacular condition.  John has put
around 700 miles on it since '99 so not only is it in amazing condition but its still enjoyed as it was intended.

1969 Moto-Ski Zephyr 300 Hirth-  Yan Cormier Roussel, New Richmond, Quebec
Yan's Zephyr actually started from three moto-ski bodies he picked off the dump.  What you see is the product of working since last fall
assembling it from the ground up with his friend Ben Roy.  It is currently powered by a 340 Rotax but Yan is looking for the correct 300 to put
back on it.  Yan also has a 440 Nuvik project waiting in the wings which, if the '69 is any indication, will look great when finished.

1973 Moto-Ski F-440 BSE - Stuart Mcknight, Castleton, New York
Stuart recently found this spectacular original Moto-Ski which has been sitting idle since 1980 with only 406 miles on the odometer.
Decals on the '73 machines rarely survive intact but this machine still has its original stickers in great condition and a seat and gas tank
cover in equally nice shape.  Even though it is a family model, the 440 BSE would make an "F" move right along.  When looking at the
photo be sure and take note of the Moto-Ski dealer sign in the background.

1968 Moto-Ski Zephyr 297 JLO - Dave Paquet, Dolbeau, Quebec
Here is another example of a 297 Zephyr that is still run and enjoyed as was intended.  Dave's father bought this machine brand new
and it has been in the family ever since.  It can be difficult to find one of there with a gas tank that is not rusted beyond use but
this one looks to be a fine unrestored example of a fun snowmobile.

1968 Moto-Ski Zephyr 297 JLO, 1969 Moto-Ski Zephyr 300 Hirth- Bruno Fournier, St. Lazere, Quebec 
Bruno's two Moto-Skis have been in his family for years ('68 belonged to his father, '69 his grandfather).  Both set idle for a long
time but as you can see they survived the years very well and are nice original examples of two great models.

1970 Moto-Ski Capri 375 JLO ES - Ross Jewiss, Ontario
This little capri is quite complete and original down to the blue windshield.  All chrome will need attention
due to years of setting but the real interesting part about the machine is how he came to acquire it.  Long story short
it involved lots of dragging, a harrowing barge ride to get it off an island, and $25 for the troubles. 

1965 Moto-Ski Model 200 300 Hirth, 1970 Moto-Ski Zephyr 317 Hirth - Pat Rodden, Skowhegan, Maine
Pat is in the process of restoring this '65 200 which was a solid and decent original machine to begin with.  It still has its original
track and seat which are difficult to find.  The 1970 is a beautiful original machine with only a handful of miles.  The seat is flawless
     and it even has the original cover.  Pat also has a bunch of other equally nice old machines.

1963 "Moto-Ski" 148 JLO - Jules Desmarais, Quebec, Canada
This is only one of a handful of true '63 Moto-Skis still in existence and perhaps the nicest one out there.  Jules recently completed a total
restoration with great attention to correctness and detail.  The machine set in a garage since 1970 until he was put onto the trail by a
coworker whose uncle had an "old snowmobile".  Don't we all wish each old sled we heard of was a '63 tin cab.

1974 Moto-Ski Chimo 440 BSE - Steve Clarke, Missoula, Montana
Steve recently picked up this Chimo and is in the process of getting it tweaked for some wintertime fun.  The Chimo model, offered in '74
and '75, was in essence a stretched out version of the Futura chassis made to replace the Zephyr / MS-18 as Moto-Ski's go anywhere
machine.  Seen here is Steve's son, Keegan, ready to make some tracks.

1969 Moto-Ski Zephyr 300 Hirth - Kevin Smith, Seal Harbor, Maine
Kevin went through this machine bolt by bolt and what you see is the beautiful finished product of lots of work.  The only things not
touched were the hood and engine paint since both were in a nice preserved state.  While Kevin also has some very nice Arctic Cats that
get exercised on vintage rides we hope to see the Zephyr at the next one.

1971 Moto-Ski Bullet 800 Hirth - Randy Derfler, Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Randy did an amazing job bringing this unique and ultra rare Bullet back to better than new condition.  What makes this machine
even more interesting is that the ski stance was widened thus resulting in a wider headlight delete hood.  Have a look at the
under hood photo and note the small round Moto-Ski gas tank (most were large rectangle) and shoe horn to get the 793 and pipes
under the hood.  Wouldn't you like to rope start that beast around the pipes after its been running for 10 laps? 

UPDATE- check out these action shots ( 1 , 2 ) with Michelle Derfler putting the Bullet through its paces.

 1980 Moto-Ski Futura 500 Rotax  - Jay Rossi, Casco, Maine
Jay first made the visitors page with a '68 Cadet but that is now gone and has been replaced with the Futura above.  The photos are
of the sled as received and current progress on the hood and give hints to what will be a unique and nice riding vintage trail machine.  Check
back to see updated photos as progress is made.

1973 Moto-Ski Zephyr 340 BSE - John Hall, Duluth, Minnisota
John says this machine has 97 original miles and if there was any doubt the photo puts that to rest.  The 340T BSE made for
 a great combo on the Zephyr chassis which John is finding out the more he runs it.  It shares storage with a 1972 TNT which isnt orange
but a good model nonetheless.  It is definatly worthy of being a museum piece but snowmobiles were built to be ridden so I am glad it still is.

1969 Moto-Ski Capri 317 Hirth - Steve and Donna Edgar, Ontario, Canada
Take close notice of what this little machine is.  This is a factory model 211 Capri with a little known 317 Hirth option (very popular
in '70 but a test engine in '69).  1969 Capris served as a test bed for low production runs of engine options to test engine and chassis
combinations.  Besides the 317; 193R 292cc Hirth, 493cc Hirth, and 634cc Hirth engines along with others all made their way onto
'69 Capris.  The featured machine here is a very nice original example of a great combination.

1966 Moto-Ski Capri 300 Hirth - Marco Ouellon, St.-Nicolas, Quebec
This nice little Capri has been in Marco's family for many years and sat in the same garage spot for the past 10 until being restored
this past Christmas.  He did a great job paying attention to detail by putting the correct decals back on the hood and painting the 300
blue as it would have been from new.  Marco even sent along a video of it in action and in case you are wondering it runs as good as it looks.

1971 Mini-Sno 223, 1971 Grand Prix 399, 1969 MS-18 493 - Matthew Duwe, Merrill, Wisconsin
These three Moto-Ski are in showroom condition from any angle and are as close to using a time machine as possible.  Paint, seats,
and declas are all perfect and provide a wealth of accurracy for anybody trying to restore one.  Matthew also has three Moto-Ski
"riders" ('71 Capri 399, '71 MS-18 399, and '72 Capri 292) which are in beautiful original condition as well and would be front and center
in any other collection.

1979 Moto-Ski Grand Prix Special 503 Rotax - Kelley Anderson, Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada
Kelley has refurbished and cleaned just about every part under the hood and as you can see has brought the machine back to a very nice original state The twin carb 503 was a fast trail machine for its time and is no slouch today in vintage racing where Kelley placed fourth in a local event in March 2013.  

1972 Moto-Ski Capri 292 Hirth - Richard Beilhartz, Ontario, Canada
Richard wasnt really looking for a Moto-Ski to go with his Rupps but came across this very nice original '72 Capri 292 and quickly fell under its spell. The 292 was stuck but quickly broken loose and now runs as it should.  The original gelcoat is still a bright orange as is the body paint and the hard
to find pieces like the engine cover are all still there.  The first series '72 292 was just a freshened up '71 292 so are often mistaken for a '71.

1973 Moto-Ski Cadet 250 BSE - Dan Middleton, Hudson Falls, New York
Dan submitted the above photo of the Cadet that his son restored.  It looks like he did a wonderful job and proudly displays it at local shows.
Also take notice in the background of this SIDE VIEW the nice original '76 Nuvik 340 that Dan owns as well.  I am also told that there are
several '73 Capris as well as a '73 "F" to round out the Moto-Ski collection.

1979 Moto-Ski Super Sonic 340 L/C Rotax - Doug Plourde, Caribou, Maine
Doug restored this machine to a better than new condition.  When he found it, however, it was painted up in ski doo colors but still retained the
all important Moto-Ski model and serial number to let him know what it really was.  The R/V chassis looks fast just standing still doesn't it? FRONT VIEW

1967 Moto-Ski Capri 246 Hirth - Dan Brown, Houlton, Maine
Dan has done a great job bringing this little Capri back up to good looking and running condition.  While the original 300 Hirth was swapped
for a 246 (which was from a '68 or '69 Cadet it appears) it fits in there nicely and is ample power.  You do not see 1967's
that often anymore so its good to see one and, more importantly, see one still being enjoyed.   BEFORE PHOTO