Technical Information
I am attempting to put together a "self-help" section where people can swing by and find some instant technical help.
Your emails, as always, are still welcome if you have questions.
Reproduction Decal Source
I try not to mix commerce with hobby on this website but when a good product is located I feel the need
to tell others.  I recently purchased and applied decals on my '73 Zephyr and am very happy with the quality
and attention to originality the decals have.  If you are looking for decals for your Moto-Ski give this link a try:

I am pleased to announce a great source for reproduction Moto-Ski parts.  Ken Haberman has done a great job so please check out
his products.





Owners Manuals    
(All manuals are in a .pdf Adobe format, send an email if you do not know how to view one after saving it:
1970 Moto-Ski
This has some neat pictures and basic maintenance information such as track tensioning.
1971 Moto-Ski
Courtesy of Mike Sprague.  There are some great pictures and info here.
1972 Moto-Ski
Courtesy of Ross Jewiss who took the time to scan every page.  Lots of good info here that covers
all 1972 models.
1973 Moto-Ski "F" and "S"
Manual courtesy of Dale Bryant.  This manual covers the F and S models only but provides some interesting
specifications and pictures that would be useful to an owner of one of these models.
1977 Moto-Ski
Including the Nuvik, Futura, and Spirit models.  For an owners manual it is really quite informative and
worth taking a look at.  This more or less covers all 1976 to 1979 Nuviks, Futuras, and Spirits. 

 Parts Manuals
(65-72 and 1974 provided courtesy of Dwayne Grant, others link to
These include parts breakdowns and part numbers for each year with many showing helpful wiring diagrams.
1971 Mini-Sno
BSE '72 250-340T-440T-340SS-440SS
1973 Cadet
1973 Capri
1973 Zephyr
1973 F Series
1973 S Series
BSE '73 295-399-436
1973 Carbs
  1974 All Models w/ Engine Section 

Dealer Literature Section
Dealership List
Circa 1971 to eventually include all US and Canada
1971 Bullet Racing Program
(Courtesy of Mike Sprague)
  "3 Days in September"
Rockwell Distributors promotional information concerning a 3 day sale for the new 1972 models.
  Alloy Marine Brochure
Shows the trailers offered for sale by Moto-Ski dealerships as well as the "Mush-Sleigh" folding dogsled.
  Moto-Ski Accessories List
Rockwell Distributors accessory price list as of July 1971.
  Trailer, Cutter, Promo Items
Rockwell Distributors price list for trailers, tow behinds, and dealership items such as signs.

 Factory Technical Bulletins
I have a pile of these from 1970 to 1979, all of which will eventually make it in the list below.
Technical Bulletin 70-01 - 6/24/70 Mini-Sno steering, ski stops, and Keihin carb issue
Technical Bulletin 70-02 - 7/2/70 1971 Capri 292 steering stop problem
Technical Bulletin 70-03 - 7/10/70  1971 Capri 338 ES wiring issue
Technical Bulletin 70-04 - 7/10/70  1970 Mini-Sno problems
Technical Bulletin 70-05 - 7/24/70 ES sleds shipped with dry batteries
Technical Bulletin 70-06 8/24/70 1C4J driven clutch spring tension
Technical Bulletin 70-07 8/24/70  634 Hirth carb with return line fitting
Technical Bulletin 70-08 9/9/70 Mini-Sno carb issues
Technical Bulletin 70-09 9/22/70 Steering arms
Technical Bulletin 70-10 10/26/70 1971 Track adjustment
Technical Bulletin 70-11 10/26/70 Gas tank fitment upgrade
Technical Bulletin 70-12 10/26/70 1971 windshield
Technical Bulletin 70-13 10/13/70 '71 MS-18 tail light wiring
Technical Bulletin 70-14 10/14/70 1971 Spark Plug Application
Technical Bulletin 70-15 10/15/70 1971 Gear ratios and chain lengths
Technical Bulletin 70-16 10/15/70 1970+71 engine timing specs
Technical Bulletin 70-17 10/22/70 500 and 634 Hirth overheating fix
Technical Bulletin 70-18 11/3/70 Painted Polycarbonate Hoods
Technical Bulletin 70-19 11/3/70 Keihin carb replacement program
Technical Bulletin 70-20 12/11/70 JLO fan belt guard
Technical Bulletin 70-21 12/21/70 Idle Speed Adjust Screw
Technical Bulletin 70-22 12/28/70 Gas cap vent
Technical Bulletin 71-01 1/14/71 338 Mini Sno Muffler
Technical Bulletin 71-02 2/4/71 Steering Lubrication
Technical Bulletin 71-03 4/21/71 338 Mini-Sno Performance Mods
Technical Bulletin 71-05 6/7/71 Moto-Skeeter Handle Bars
Technical Bulletin 71-07 9/7/71 1972 Backrest
Technical Bulletin 71-10  10/27/71 1972 Capri 292 Carb
Technical Bulletin 71-11  9/29/71 NO-Lead Gasoline
Technical Bulletin 71-14 10/7/71  1972 Zephyr Track.
Technical Bulletin 71-15 10/7/71  BSE Spark Plugs
Technical Bulletin 71-16 10/7/71 1972 safety switch
Technical Bulletin 71-17 10/7/71 Bosch starter for BSE
Technical Bulletin 71-18 10/20/71 BSE Carburetor
Technical Bulletin 71-20 10/27/71 '72 Grand Prix Sliders
Technical Bulletin 71-21 10/28/71 '72 Front Bumper
Technical Bulletin 71-22 11/8/71 '72 Tachometer