Moto-Ski Photos From The Past

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The Bryant family snowmobiles circa winter 1969-1970
1965 Model 100 on right and 1969 Zephyr 300 next to it.

Left to right: '69 Zephyr 300 ES, '66 Zephyr 300, '68 Zephyr 297, '70 MS-18 (w/ '69 hood), '69 MS-18 (w/ '70 hood)

Provided by Ross Jewiss.  A 1970 Mini-Sno race held in Toronto.

Provided by Ross Jewiss.  A 1970 Super Mod leading the race.

Provided by Ross Jewiss. 
Woodbine Race Track, Toronto circa 1970.  Note the '70 mini-sno and two '70 super mods on the right.

Provided by Ross Jewiss.  This appears to be a '70 Capri modified as a race sled.

The next few photos are from George Dufrane and are only a taste of what he has sent.  This one is of the Dufrane
Motor Distributors race team circa 1967.

Thanks to Claudel Belanger for identifying this photo. The fellow in the middle is Donald Belanger who was apparently
the only one with enough body mass to handle the twin 300 Hirths on this '65 and make the machine turn.
Note the driven clutch offset that interestingly enough looks just like the later 634 grand prix setup.

Dufrane Motor Distributors race team circa 1968.

The Carrier family '71 292 Capri in back and Scorpions on the trailer.

The same 292 Capri as above with other machines at camp circa 1972.

This is a must see video for a Moto-Ski fan featuring some of the great times had by the Carrier and Labrie families at
Wyman Pond in Brighton Plantation, Maine.  It features two '69 Cadet 246's, a '69 Zephyr 372 Hirth, and three '71 Capri 292's
plus a few other brands all from back in the day.  This is a large file so give it some time even with high speed internet and press
play to begin.

Provided by Matt Duwe. 1972 Capri 292 ready for fun.

Provided by Matt Duwe. 1973 F-340 circa 1982.

Provided by Matt Duwe. '72 292 Capri and '73 F-340 covered on a trailer with a young sledder doing a snow dance.

Provided by Kim Ueeck.  Kim's father was a Moto-Ski dealer in the Palmer, Alaska, area.  Seen here are a '73
Capri on the right and a '73 S-400 with added wind deflection.

Provided by Kim Ueeck.  '73 S and '73 F against a spectacular backdrop.

Provided by Kim Ueeck.  '73 F-440 against the backdrop of some rugged terrain.  This photo could have been a factory
promo it is so well shot.

Provided by Dwayne Grant.  1967 Moto-Skis ready to race in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

Provided by Dwayne Grant.  #136 1967 Moto-Ski among a bunch of interesting machines St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

Provided by Michael Gill.  Rented 1967 Moto-Ski Capri in Stowe, VT, Easter 1967.

Provided by Brent Crockford.  The family's 1968 Zephyr circa 1975 which they still own to this day.
Check out the other machines in the background as well!

 Brent on the same '68 Zephyr circa 1978.