Zephyr, Cadet , Capri, MS-18, Grand Prix
Production: 35,662 units
(15,377 to Canada, 20,285 to USA)

72 Moto-Ski

-247ccm BSE (250M 16 H.P. Cadet)
-292ccm Hirth (193R 19 H.P. Capri)
-338ccm Hirth (194R 28 H.P. Capri)
-338ccm JLO (LR340 26 H.P. Capri)
-398ccm JLO (LR399 28 H.P. Capri, MS-18)
-435ccm BSE (33 H.P. 440T Zephyr, 440T Capri, Grand Prix 440TSS, MS-18 440T)
-336ccm BSE (27 H.P. 340T Zephyr, Grand Prix 340TSS)


- Cowling now plastic instead of fiberglass (except some Capri 292's and all Grand Prix's had fiberglass)

- Cowling design very similar to '71 with the exception of deleted side scoops + different decals

- Cadet model is redesigned replacing the Mini-Sno and is so reduced in size to a child's sled

- Engine shrouding now standard on all models (Grand Prix engine still exposed since the hood only slightly wraps around).  It restricts cooling but increases safety.

- Seat is all black (with the exception of some Capri 338 Hirth models that used '71 black and orange seats)

- Gas tank pickup is moved forward and up instead of below the full level as in '71 (leaks less when full)

- Backrest is now made of a black plastic (Except 399 and some 440 MS-18's which used a black padded unit, and Capri 292 + 338 Hirth which use orange plastic leftovers from '71)

- New drum brake introduced on some models

-Speedometers and tachometers are larger with orange needles on a black background

-Front bumpers made wider than '71 and are integrated into part of the hood hinge (all but Capri 292 and 338 Hirth which again use up '71 pieces)

- Early 292 Capris were for all intensive purposes leftover '71 machines with a deluxe dash and engine shroud.  Late 292 machines were marketed as "Capri 295-M" and used plastic '72 hoods with no side scoops.  Some used '71 front bumpers/hood hinges and some used '72 Grand Prix style ribbed front bumpers with the '72 style hood hinge.

- Seat has removable zippered cover and attaches to body by snaps (Capri 340-400 JLO and Zephyr only).  Others still used a stapled plywood seat.  I have even seen a 400 Capri that has the correct snaps to connect the seat also have the metal clips on the body used to hold down the plywood seat bottoms on the 1971 models.  Of course the clips were useless with the newer seat.

-Grand Prix resembles the '71 Bullets in styling but use modified Capri bodies that still retain the bogie anchors even when equipped with the optional slide suspension.

-Model and serial number tags on the bodies go through a major design change for the first time since 1965 and say "Moto-Ski LTEE" instead of "Industries Bouchard Inc" which is a reflection of Bombardier's presence in the company