Zephyr, Capri, MS-18, Grand Prix , Bullet, Mini Sno
Production: 37,449 units
(16,553 to Canada, 20,896 to USA)

moto ski  
Engines for all but Bullet:
-170ccm BSE (Mini-sno)
-250ccm BSE (Mini-sno)
(Just a note:  Literature lists the 170 and
250 BSE's on mini snos but I have
 yet to find evindence of any)

 -292ccm 193R Hirth (19 H.P. Capri)

- 295ccm L295 JLO (19 H.P. Capri)
-338ccm LR340 JLO (26 H.P. Grand Prix)
-338ccm 194R Hirth (28 H.P. Capri, Zephyr, Mini-Sno)

-223ccm JLO (15 H.P. Mini-Sno)
-398ccm LR399 JLO (28 H.P. Capri, Zephyr, MS-18, Grand Prix)
-634ccm 171R Hirth (36 H.P. MS-18, Grand Prix)

Bullet Engines:
-295ccm KMS
-340ccm KMS
-440ccm BSE 
> (model tag for a 440 BSE machine is 1XR7K
although its not a true KMS engine)
-650ccm KMS
(see photos provided by Dan Hetherington )
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3

-650ccm Hirth
-780ccm KMS
-793ccm Hirth

- Complete nose and cowling redesign

- Fiberglass (or painted plastic as some had) cowling hinges in the front 

- Seat is now black and orange (except Grand Prix, MS-18, Mini-Sno are black )

- Front ski leaf spring mount uses one pin anchor instead of previous two  

- Same basic mechanical design

- Handle-grips now black like used on the '70 Grand Prixs

- First time engine shrouding for MS-18 and Grand Prix (Not 634ccm)

- First year of handlebar mounted kill switch

- Track shaft diameter larger and use spoke idlers instead of solid with round holes

- MS-18 uses single sprocket track instead of previous 2 sprocket

- Passenger grab strap added

- Backrest and tool compartment on MS-18 are one molded and padded unit

- Bullet has major quality control issues with its KMS (Kebec Moto-Ski) engines

- Bombardier purchases a financially rocky Moto-Ski in late 1971