Z ephyr, Cadet, Capri, MS-18, SM-Racer
Production: 17,035 units
(9,965 to Canada, 7,070 to USA)

Engines:  -246ccm Hirth 82R (10 H.P.)
 - 292 Hirth 193R (19 H.P.)
-297ccm JLO L297 (17 H.P.)
-300ccm Hirth 191R (19 H.P.)

-317ccm Hirth 192R (20.5 H.P.)
- 372ccm Hirth 200R (23 H.P.)

-493ccm Hirth 220R (27 H.P.)
- 634ccm Hirth 171R (36 H.P.)
-375ccm JLO L380 (24 H.P.)

                                                                                     69 moto ski
- Cowling now has two headlights (early models had no resistor so bulbs blew often)

- Bogies now set back down in Zephyr and MS-18

- Zephyr and MS-18 are given 4 sets of bogie wheels as opposed to the previous 3 which gives better track to ground c

- New removable plastic gas tank on all models (big plus)

- Two bar front bumper, 
Rear bumper wraps around to serve as passenger grip (Cadet uses '68 bumper and grab handles)

- Modern helical design driven clutch now made standard on all but Cadet with clutch gear splined instead of threaded on

- Front track shaft chaincase gear now splined instead of keyed

- Muffler is given even more flexability due to a rubber mount at the handle bar brace

- First factory SM-Racer in '69 was nothing but a Capri with a sport seat, speedometer, and megaphone exhaust. A limited number of regular Capris were built with 500 and 634 Hirth 

- Clutch guard now says "Moto-Ski"

- Seat very similar to '68 but pleats go side to side instead of lengthwise on all models but Cadet.  It just used a '68 style seat.

- "Zephyr", "Capri", and "MS 18" badges are removable chromed pieces and mount on the sides of the backrest not on the cowling as the above pictures shows