Zephyr, Capri

Production: 8,234 units

(5,354 to Canada, 2,880 to USA)

-300ccm Hirth 



- The Cadet model was for some reason dropped for the '67 model year but returned for '68.

- Body itself resembles the '66 models

- Cowling restyled (will fit on 65-66 bodies though) but is still only removable with great effort

- Sleaker tapered metal backrest (cushion held on with leather tab and snap)

- Skis use tapered end leaf spring

- Handlebars braced from body instead of cowling

- Engine clutch guard independent of engine, now plastic but no steel under layer (not much protection)

- First use of snow flap

- Seat is still solid blue in color but has a pleated texture