From Prototype to Production

Models 100 (JLO) and 101(Hirth)
3 "Cupidon" prototypes
50-55 1963 "Moto-Skis" (some sources say only 2...)
210 1964 "Moto-Skis"

Engines: -148ccm JLO (8 H.P.)
300ccm Hirth (10.5 H.P)

moto ski


- 3 prototypes made by company founders Belanger and Pelletier that bore the name "Cupidon" and not "Moto-Ski."

- They were green instead of orange.
- Said to be 50-55 "Moto-Ski's" made in 1963 (others say only 2 were built for 1963, more info is desperatly needed).

- These are the same as the 64's in design and color.

- Financial backing to build more sleds was provided by C.E. Bouchard.

- Skis use coil spring suspension

- Fixed steel cowling

- No back compartment but there is a small pouch on the inside of the hood

- Not the "Moto-Ski Orange" of later years but a variant of Omaha Orange